Simmons Sharks Broadheads - The Deadliest!

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Field Point
Field Point - (1 dozen) Price: $7.00
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Item #: SB-77 -

Field Points All field points are easy pull design and taper to 5/16" diameter at arrow connection. Choose between 165 grain and 175 grain field points Sold in packs of 12

Frenzy Climbing Belt
Frenzy Climbing Belt Price: $99.95
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Simmons Frenzy Climbing Belt The Frenzy Climbing belt is a "New" old Product! Over the years of using the old Climbing belt that Mr. Jerry Simmons made, we saw some room for a few improvements that needed to be made. The outcome was the Frenzy Climbing Belt. Now it is tougher, lighter, and safer! Double lanyard design for going around limbs without disconnecting! Lightweight Materials but extremely heavy duty! Reinforced possibles bag will hold your folding saw, pruners, ratchet straps, and...

Great White™ - 250gr screw-on (3 Pack) Broadhead, Simmons, Concave Broadhead, Simmons Sharks, 250 gr broadhead, 2 blade head, Arrow Head, Wide Broadhead, Heavy Broadhead
Great White™ - 250gr screw-on (3 Pack) Price: $46.95
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Item #: SB-55 -

Great White™ *For years folks have asked for a heavier Broadhead than our 205 gr Safari head or they ask for a wider, heavier head than our 190 gr Treeshark. Well…….. You asked for it and you’ve got it! ****Introducing the 250 gr. GREAT WHITE!!!!***The Great White is 2 5/8” long by 2 5/16” wide!!!! Easily the largest cut on contact head in the business!! The GREAT WHITE has our inset design so it sets back on the arrow 1” providing better balance and less tip leverage. The GREAT WHITE weighs...

Second Chance™ Arrow Holders
Second Chance™ Arrow Holders Price: $7.00
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Item #: SA-210 -

Second Chance™ Arrow Holders So simple, so effective, it's the accessory we all wish we thought of. When you need a second arrow quickly, quietly, and with little movement, the Second Chance™ puts one at your fingertips by hanging your second arrow in the most convenient spot. Also useful as a bow, quiver, or accessory bag holder. This device has saved many a hunter from going home empty handed.  Sold in packs of 3.

Spin Box Broadhead Aligner
Spin Box Broadhead Aligner Price: $35.95
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Item #: SA-110 -

Spin Box Broadhead Aligner Spin Box is a must for every bow hunter. It allows the archer to check for arrow straightness and broadhead alignment in just a few short seconds. The Spin Box also is the perfect instrument for installing replacement blades on the Mako broadheads. It holds the main blade in alignment while the retaining screw is tightened. The Spin Box was initially designed to allow the archer to mount glue on Broadheads onto adapters or wood arrows with perfect alignment in...

Wild Tradition DVD Cover
Wild Tradition DVD Price: $17.95
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Traditional Bowhunting DVD Wild Tradition DVD Join the Wild Tradition crew as they pursue Big Game in the Rocky Mountain West using traditional archery gear. Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "OGG" / "WebM" Now Available! $17.95 ( Plus S&H) ...

Mako 125gn Broadhead
Mako™ - Broadheads (3 pack) Price: $46.95
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Item #: SB-100R -

The Mako™ Broadhead Now available in 100gr and 125gr Heads. Named after the Fastest, Most Aggressive Shark in the Sea, The Mako lives up to its name!!! All of the Benefits of the Concave Profile without the weight (or the Sharpening!)!!! Performs Flawlessly at Super High Speed! 300FPS+++! The 1 1/2" long by 1 1/4" wide dimensions causes Deep Penetration and Awesome Wounds!!!!!   Super Thick Vented Stainless Main blade is .050"!!! The Vented Bleeder is thicker than most of our...

Wheelie Broadhead & Knife Sharpener
Wheelie™ Price: $18.99
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Item #: SA-108 -

Wheelie™Broadhead & Knife Sharpener A quick, handy, and economical sharpening tool for use on knives and broadheads. A butchers steel that you can't mess the angle up onGreat stocking stuffer!Fits nicely in a Backpack or Fanny for touching up Broadheads on a back country hunt!

Nicholson Half Round File
Half Round File Price: $14.95
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Item #: SA-107 -

Half Round File Our half round file is a smooth grit file that is made by Nicholson. We then mount the file in a special handle made for us by Hewlett Jewelstik. This special handle makes this file work perfectly at the right angle for our Steel Master knife and broadhead sharpener.

Replacement blades for Mako 100s
Replacement blades for Mako broadheads Price: $28.00
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Item #: SB-04 -

Replacement blades and bleeders for the Simmons Mako broadheads. Now available in 100gr and 125gr!! The SB-04 replacement blades will come in a 3 pack (3 main blades, 3 bleeders) so 6 blades total in 3 pack. Main blade thickness is .050" bleeder is .036"!! $28 a 3 pack (3 main blades and 3 bleeders included) Please select the weight option you want!!! ...

Fine Diamond Rod
Fine Diamond Rod Price: $19.95
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Item #: SA-106 -

Fine Diamond Rod This Diamond Rod is extremely fine grit and is manufactured for us specially by Hewlett Jewelstick of PA. The Rod is a great stand alone honing instrument for your arrowheads and your knives once an edge is attained. We like to use the Diamond Rod as an in between step with our Steel Master Knife and Broadhead Sharpener. We use it between the Half Round File and the medium grit ceramic rods to get rid of a really heavy burr and it speeds up the operation! ...

Simmons Land Shark-light 125gr Broadhead
Land Shark™ - Light 125gr (3 pack) Price: $46.95
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Item #: SB-10 -

The Land Shark™ Light The Land Shark™ Light, is one of our most popular broadheads. When combined with a carbon arrow and a fast shooting compound bow it makes for an unbeatable combination that can shoot through even the biggest, toughest game in North America. Available in 125gr SOLD as a 3 pack. Broadhead size is 1 3/16 width by 1 1/2" long The 125gr blade thickness is 0.050 inches.