Simmons Sharks Broadheads - The Deadliest!
Mako 125gn Broadhead
  • Mako 125gn Broadhead
  • Mako 100gn Broadhead
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    The Mako™ Broadhead

    Now available in 100gr and 125gr Heads.

    Named after the Fastest, Most Aggressive Shark in the Sea, The Mako lives up to its name!!!

    All of the Benefits of the Concave Profile without the weight (or the Sharpening!)!!!

    Performs Flawlessly at Super High Speed! 300FPS+++!

    The 1 1/2" long by 1 1/4" wide dimensions causes Deep Penetration and Awesome Wounds!!!!!  

    Super Thick Vented Stainless Main blade is .050"!!! The Vented Bleeder is thicker than most of our competitors main blades at .036"!! At a 54 Rockwell hardness these blades are super hard and Razor Sharp!!!

    Razor sharp Blades can be replaced or resharpened!

    Can be shot as a 2 blade or 4 blade.

    Sold in packs of 3

    Replacement blades are $28 a 3 pack (3 main blades and 3 bleeders included)

    Please select the weight option you want!!!