Simmons Sharks Broadheads - The Deadliest!

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Wheelie Broadhead & Knife Sharpener
Wheelie™ Price: $18.99
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Item #: SA-108 -

Wheelie™Broadhead & Knife Sharpener A quick, handy, and economical sharpening tool for use on knives and broadheads. A butchers steel that you can't mess the angle up onGreat stocking stuffer!Fits nicely in a Backpack or Fanny for touching up Broadheads on a back country hunt!

Nicholson Half Round File
Half Round File Price: $14.95
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Item #: SA-107 -

Half Round File Our half round file is a smooth grit file that is made by Nicholson. We then mount the file in a special handle made for us by Hewlett Jewelstik. This special handle makes this file work perfectly at the right angle for our Steel Master knife and broadhead sharpener.

Fine Diamond Rod
Fine Diamond Rod Price: $19.95
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Item #: SA-106 -

Fine Diamond Rod This Diamond Rod is extremely fine grit and is manufactured for us specially by Hewlett Jewelstick of PA. The Rod is a great stand alone honing instrument for your arrowheads and your knives once an edge is attained. We like to use the Diamond Rod as an in between step with our Steel Master Knife and Broadhead Sharpener. We use it between the Half Round File and the medium grit ceramic rods to get rid of a really heavy burr and it speeds up the operation! ...