Simmons Sharks Broadheads - The Deadliest!
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    Tree Shark™ - 165gr Glue-on

    The glue-on 165gr Treeshark is 2 1/2" long by 2 1/16" wide with a blade thickness of 0.050". The ferrule is 23/64" which allows mounting to 11/32" arrows and steel or brass adapters with room to get perfect alignment... One of the widest cut on contact heads in the business. Unparalleled Flight! This head is perfect medicine for Bears, Turkeys, Hogs, and Deer! Awesome Bloodtrails!!! Wounds from this broadhead are Legendary!!!  Sold in packs of 3.


    "If you want wounds that you can stick your hand in.....the Treeshark is the head that you want!!!!" (Dave Oligee)

    *Best bear and turkey broadhead on the market*