Simmons Sharks Broadheads - The Deadliest!
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    New****** 190 gr. TimberShark (SB-80)

    Folks I’ve always been amazed with the genius of Mr. Jerrys Treeshark design. He made the widest fix blade arrowhead in the business without sacrificing penetration or strength. By recessing the mandrel up inside the arrowhead, he shortened the distance between the tip of the head and the connection with the arrow, decreasing the amount of tip leverage dramatically. When coupled with the concave profile, this allowed Jerry to make a really wide, long, and stiff arrowhead that was tough and flew and penetrated like a much smaller head but still made the massive wounds that have made Simmons legendary!

    Over the years I’ve had numerous requests for a solid Treeshark. The problem has always been the weight after removing the vents. The head became too heavy to sell.

    So without further ado, I introduce the Timbershark ! 190 grs. of Nastiness! This head is a SOLID version of the Treeshark with all of the attributes listed above but slightly narrower and slightly shorter. The TIMBERSHARK is 2 3/8” Long by 1 3/4” Wide with a .050” thickness and sits back on the arrow 11/16”!!!!!!!!

    Folks, this head was made for big , tough, critters! I specifically had Hogs and Elk in mind when designing this head so deer, bears, and turkeys won’t stand a chance!!!! I almost feel sorry for them...... almost.

    Sold in 3 packs $45.95 a pack

    The 190gr TimberShark™ is 2 3/8" long by 1 3/4" wide with a blade thickness of 0.050"
    The head sits back on the arrow 11/16” from end of arrow.