Simmons Sharks Broadheads - The Deadliest!
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    The Simmons Safari™ 205gr.

    Newly Redesigned! Now 1 5/8" wide.

    The Safari head was brought into being as a mistake actually. An order of the Vented Interceptor blades where punched mistakenly without the vents. Mr. Jerry decided to try them himself on Elk and they performed well, but he couldn't figure out what to call them. Then Bill Wilkinson of LA called Jerry looking for a heavier solid head for an upcoming Safari. Jerry sold Bill the first 2 dozen of the heads and Bill took them to Africa. On that trip Bill took 2 of the top 10 Cape Buffalo and the #2 free ranging Lion with the same broadhead. Upon returning Bill told Mr. Jerry that "You should just call it the "Safari" head!" So that's how it came by its name!

    Super tough, great penetrating head! NO NONSENSE. This head has efficiently killed all of the "Big Nasties" multiple times!.

    The Simmons 205gr. Safari™  is 2 5/8" long by 1 5/8" wide with a .050" blade thickness!

    Sold in packs of 3